The site navigation has been designed as if we are in a virtual meeting with you.
Don't you hate being shown things you will never use?

The site is divided into folios which either reflect our core markets or the target age of the illustration.

book publishing = 3 folios divided into ages

0-5 years - picture books
5 years to young adult - young fiction
older and real styles - non-fiction

greeting cards = 1 folio of seasonal and social expression

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art for products = 3 folios of Photo and Decorative

art photography
art for posters & prints
art licensing


Images, artists folios and categories have been assigned keywords that can found in 3 ways

1) Type the genre in the search box on the home page e.g. EDITORAL, PHOTO REAL or 3D
2) see the site map, it is all there
3) email advocate-art a description or style setter and we will do the searching for you!

We don't "show all", that is like mixing the needles with the haystack, we ask the visitor to think about what they are looking for to make the experience concise and quick thus increasing the likelihood of them finding what they are looking for.

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5 Years To Young Adult
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